Your space isn't dead!
Greyfield refers to any property that is under utilized.

Some are obvious:

- That storefront sitting empty
- That chained-off vacant lot
- Prime studio space used as storage

Some are harder to see:

- A restaurant that opens at 5pm
- An office building closed on weekends
- An apartment only occupied a few months per year

NYRent.Org specializes in improving the usage of a space by lowering the barriers to entry
(We have 4 ways of doing this)
ONE TIME : A single lease with a defined or contingent ending date
(Ex.) Pop-up stores and galleries, AirBnb

CHOPPED UP : Several leases based on specific area
(Ex.) Building out rooms in a larger open space

HOT-RACKING : Several leases based on specific time
(Ex.) Recurring events, Shared recording studio

MEMBERSHIP : Many smaller leases or usage agreements
(Ex.) Co-working office, Joining a gym

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